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College Crest

The open book is traditionally believed to be a true and constant friend of man. This is a distillation of the world, a massive ceaseless crunch of proliferating knowledge, a treasure house, the living voice of the past. It shapes fashions and humanises the mind and it is the one of the means of perpetuating...

Welcome to Sailendra Narayan College

Mr. Ramesh Chandra Sahoo,
Princiapl, S.N. College,Rajkanika

As the day dawns into morning, the thumping footsteps of foot-ballers resound the green meadow, the whistles blow, the trumpets beat heralding the approach of a new academic year, the silvery rays of sweet sun shine with which the college campus sparkle, the humming melody with which the rapturous rooms resound, the enchanting freshness with which college courtyard bubbles trail back our memory to some thirty six years past to collect fact not from history nor from literature but from the simple annals of poor, the poverty stricken mulititudes of Rajkanika but for whose selfless dedication and strong will the existence of this college would have been a distant dream. Thanks to the noble soul of late Raja Saheb of Kanika, Sailendra Narayan Bhanja Deo but for whose timely help the College would not have seen the light of the day. In fact his good name is rightly and aptly associated with the name of this college.

Ideally located at the heart of Rajkanika in the midst of an ever stretching green meadow in between two glorious rivers of Orissa i.e. Kharasrota and Baiarani, S.N. College gives one a feeling of enternity.

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